A Short Story from… Bangkok

Yes indeed, after living in Bangkok for a few months now and filming tattoo artists in this vibrating city I picked up the ink machine myself with the guidance of the cool crew at this Bangkok Shop. I’m also very happy that my girl Kiki shot the whole session which turned out to be a nice little episode of mr Nidecker lining and shading this black & grey piece and the tattoo itself became something I am quite proud of too. I’m learning the craft, maybe not as a typical apprentice mopping the floor, at a typical Thai tattoo shop and hopefully I can continue this for a long as we stay in BKK (short for Bangkok, duh!).

I’m not a tattoo artist yet (again duh!) but I do think this could be a new interesting turn of events on the road of life ๐Ÿ™‚

More to follow but for now enjoy this short..

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