A Short Story from.. Red Rose Tattoo

I’m so glad I decided to dive into the world of documenting events on film because it is so rewarding to see the final edit of a movie. Everytime I watch the final version it’s like someone else shot all the scenes and I can just watch and enjoy another episode of interesting stuff that normally wouldn’t air on tv.

This next short film about Dutch tattoo shop Red Rose Tattoo tells the story how Gino, one of the best Dutch New School tattoo artists, started out in an era where tattooing was considered an underground art form and a way of life that wasn’t for everyone…

Gino specializes in New School and Neo Traditional tattoos and loves to do big colorful pieces for which his clients travel from far to get tattooed by him.

I have a long history of filmmaking as far as doing TV commercials vs advertising so I know my way around a camera and a film set. That being said, I do enjoy all the help I can get from other people because there are so many things to consider when filming on location that it is never a one man’s job to capture it all.

Fortunately for me a good friend of mine had time to help me out with his red camera (and loads of experience as a camera man) which really helped me to organize my thoughts and focus a bit more on the interview part, something I’m learning as I go along.

We had fun all day and the tattoo that Gino did on his friend Leon was super cool too. A nice piece of Spider Murphy flash of a gypsy woman in a sort of Neo traditional style that I like very much.

Enjoy this short movie and for more info about Red Rose Tattoo and Gino visit the website http://www.redrosetattoo.nl

A Short Story From… Red Rose Tattoo from James Nidecker on Vimeo.

Camera by
Menno van Dijk (www.dplusvisuals.com)
James Nidecker

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