Brussel Tattoo convention 2014

A Sunday at the always packed Brussel Tattoo convention

I just made it through the Alkmaar convention last Sunday and wanted to write something about the Brussel convention which was a week earlier, but I just couldn’t find the time to sit down due to a hectic schedule of requests.
And even though we only went on a Sunday, the buzz at the door already notified us that we were entering a big area of tattoo enthusiasts wo were looking to get inked or get inspired by one or many great artists and their work.

Brussels is only an hour and a half drive from Rotterdam so even if though it is an international convention in Belgium we still felt like we were on our own turf and quickly drove to the capitol of our neighbors to dive into the buzz of the machines and the crowded area which in my opinion was a little too crowded that day.

But if your looking for quality tattoos than you don’t really care too much about the rest and it was fun to see some shows (cage bike ride) and some proper rock n roll music being played in the background while hanging with some friends and checking out the work of others.

I learned some new stuff from an American artist (we always discuss techniques being the geeks we are) who was willing to share something about machines vs lining but overall I just got inspired to go home and draw new designs and had an overall urge to tattoo as much cool stuff as I can ๐Ÿ™‚

Till next year, can’t wait …

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