Dotwork tattoo

A dotwork tattoo is build up by using small dots to create different elements of a tattoo or visualize a different form of shading which gives a tattoo contrast and texture.

I usually combine contrasting elements (which can be mandala or Mehndi orientated) with dotwork that also include a variety of different line widths. This dotwork can be very subtle but sometimes it might also be the basis of a whole mandala tattoo.

dotwork tattoo

To create dotwork I usually prefer to use a coil machine and a certain type of needle to create solid dots. I equally space out the dots while following the design thus creating a beautiful flow of dotted shading throughout the tattoo. Mandala designs are great for dotwork but also a certain type of patterns can create a stunning effect when dotted.

To create a dotwork tattoo takes time and a sharp focus because the more complex a design is the better you have to focus on equally spacing out the dots.

I also use a rotary tattoo machine for the so called ‘pepper shading’ where you create a stippling effect by using longer strokes and have the needle bounce off the skin. This leaves a beautiful line of dots which can create a certain type of shading based on dots.

Here is a link to a short video by Matt Stopps (The Family Business tattoo London) showing the pepper shading effect:

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dotwork tattoo

All of the tattoos you see on this page are done by me at New Amsterdam Tattoo Studio.

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