Geometric mandala tattoos, visit the portfolio section for more designs

I love doing geometric mandala tattoos and so far 2017 has been a fantastic year in Amsterdam with fun customers sending in cool tattoo requests from all over the world.

I had the opportunity to design some less standard types of geometric mandala tattoos and on less typical places. Sternum tattoos are always a bit more challenging but nonetheless they look great once done correctly and I’ll tattoo an upper leg anytime of the day.

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This year I am gradually changing the style of my work and incorporating more old school and traditional tattoo designs into mandala inspired tattoo styles, thus hoping to keep things interesting and fun for years to come.

I might also do some more fine line mandala tattoos making it all a bit more feminine and less bold. Black & grey tattoos are also nice to combine with mandalas and a fusion of patterns and geometric lines could also create beautiful tattoo sleeves. The latter is something I’m working on in Photoshop 3D which I use for sketching it all out in a rough first draft.
Going digital in this tattoo age is the way forward and something that inspires me to create more cool tattoo designs.

geometric mandala tattoo

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Or visit my portfolio on this website.

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