How to tattoo at an Amsterdam rave party

So you might think the title is a bit strange but living in Amsterdam as a tattoo artist also means you will encounter the yearly Dutch orange frenzy of King’s Day (formerly known as Queen’s Day).

And because I have my tattoo studio right above one of Amsterdam’s clubbing hotspots (aka club Warehouse) it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea to ask their inhouse tattoeer if he (in other words me, myself and I) would be interested in doing a few tattoos during the King’s Day after party. Ow and yes we have a tattoo license for that night. Now how can you say no to such a cool request… so I said yes.

If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Go!’ then you might know why an after party is so much different from a regular party (although for the average Joe it would probably all look alike). Now combine this with the buzz of King’s Day where everybody starts drinking and partying (and some more) at 10am and you might think doing tattoos at a rave party is not such a great idea since the people most likely to be tattooed are sort of energetic (therefore unable to sit still) from the vibe of the party. And since the whole idea of doing what I do (meaning straight geometric tattoo stuff) is to pull off straight lines and not look like some scratcher who had too much weed I was a little hesitant if I could pull it off at a rave and create the same quality of tattoos.


But there’s a first time for everything and having done some conventions lately I reckoned I would get some surprises but not enough to get knocked of my game. And it would be a good testcase for the ‘Buiten Westen’ festival at the Amsterdam Westerpark in July where I’ll be tattooing the letters of the Human Rights manifest on anybody who supports this great cause. But I’ll get to that in another blog post.

I was thinking of doing maybe one or two tattoos on some crazy party peeps who might not give a flying f#ck waking up the next morning with some ink and not know how they got it but boy was I wrong! I have been tattooing all night from 9pm till 5am the next morning, having a line of people waiting to get tattooed while their friends were chilling out in my mini lounge and nodding their head to some cool tech house and minimal techno from whoever was the DJ (cuz I had no clue who was playing at a certain point that night…. and I always know who’s playing!).

geometric tattoo amsterdam

All in all, it was super cool (thumbs up for the organization), super hectic, lots of fun people (who could sit still) and not even that weird to tattoo at an Amsterdam rave party even though every time the bass would hit its peak I could feel my hand and stomach shaking due to the bass frequencies which where kinda getting all together in my tattoo corner (yikes!). But once I got used to the rhythm of the music I could do what I like to do best and that is inking up some kick ass tattoos (and yes my lines were straight too) and having fun with my homies… at a rave party ๐Ÿ™‚

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