Human Rights Tattoo @Buiten Westen festival (Amsterdam)

I had the honor to be asked to tattoo at the Buiten Westen festival 2015 for the Human Rights Tattoo project which was something I had never done before. And since I like a challenge every now and then I prepared myself for a day of fun, sunshine and small tattoos.

Three tattoo artists were asked to work that day, Jeff (Tattoo Bandit, Zaandam), Sera Hunt (True Love Tattooing, Amsterdam) who is a friend of mine and myself and our goal per tattoo artist was to tattoo one person every 15 minutes. Which is kind of a challenge since it didn’t just include tattooing but also preparing your station, stencilling, wrapping your ‘client’ and cleaning your area.

Now that may not seem like a big deal but if there’s one job where you don’t want to rush the person in charge then it is tattooing :-). And all three of us are pretty tight on creating proper tattoos so we had to switch to another modus but we adjusted pretty rapidly throughout the day.

At noon the gates to the festivals openened up and I saw dozens of people running towards the festival site but quickly recognized that they were actually running towards our tattoo spot and within minutes a line gathered from about 70 people, all anxious to get signed up for the Human Rights tattoo project.


Wow, I knew it was populair but never realized it was this big. We had people signing up ranging from 19 to 58 years old and anything in between which meant we had a pretty divers tattoo crowd at the Buiten Westen festival (some folks didn’t even care about the festival, they just bought a ticket to get tattooed).

Sera and I teamed up since we were both using coil machines and Jeff had his own station with his Cheyenne Hawk set up. It all went pretty smoothly even though at some point we needed to step it up a bit since so many people signed up at the beginning that it looked like we might not get them all inked (and we didn’t want to disappoint anyone not getting a tattoo). But fortunately we managed to get it all done before the end of the festival and we were pretty stoked that we now also contributed our ink to the Human Rights Tattoo Project, one more event we could cross off from our bucket list so to speak ๐Ÿ™‚


all in it was a super fun (and exhausting) day and at the end of the line all tattoo artists involved for that day tattooed each other. Sera did my letter ‘C’ and I did the ‘L’ in a curly tattoo letter font. We were all pretty happy with the result and something we could look back at as being part of such a great movement and cause for Human Rights worldwide…

Lil’ old me getting tattooed by Sera

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