Mandala dotwork tattoo sleeve – how it’s done part 1

I’ve been receiving more tattoo requests for a full mandala dotwork combined with patterns sleeve, something that’s both fun and also a challenge to design.

In my head I can see the full design pieced together but how do you explain this to a client who obviously doesn’t have the same experience in orchestrating large scale tattoo sleeves.

luckily I recently bumped into the 3D area of Photoshop which has all the abilities to design and render full sleeve compositions with the help of 3D models (and your own designs of course).

I’ll be exploring this feature a lot more and will update you in one of my next blog posts how this works and show what is possible in the digital world of tattoo designing. Of course you don’t start to outline the whole sleeve in one session but it definitely helps to have some sort of tattoo guide for both the artist and the client in order to proceed and create a beautiful mandala sleeve combined with patterns…

It all starts with a single mandala…

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