Red Bull Playrooms party Amsterdam

Now there’s a title that is not really self explanatory for a tattoo artist like me but it does raise the question “what you been doing?”. Too put it boldly, I was out partying (parteee!) and maybe you did or maybe you didn’t know but I used to be a DJ back in the days and even ran my own tech house label which did pretty okay as far as being well known in the DJ community. It could explain why you see the term ‘party’ so often in my blog posts πŸ˜‰

So did my past catch up with me or did I happen to know the right person at the right time who gave me the opportunity to have my very own red light tattoo room at a rather privileged Amsterdam party (guest list only)?

Well, mostly the latter but as a former DJ I did very much enjoy the colorful party vibe and not in the least the exotic ladies next to me who were dressed up pretty scarcely and sat in in a special booth that resembled an image of which Amsterdam is pretty well known for (windows, red light, girls…. you do the math).

Red Light Babes having fun with my customer Kim & Kimberly in the back

So what happened I hear you say? All I can say is that I was lucky enough to get an invite for a special Amsterdam Dance Event party at the Red Bull Playroom where I could tattoo a few lucky souls for free and ink them with some cool geometric designs. Red Bull had confiscated a pretty amazing canal house (3 stories high) right in the center of Amsterdam and transformed it into a super cool party venue for +600 guests that did nothing but party hard to the tunes of some very cool underground dj’s who killed it with some proper house music.

Preparing the show aka what it looked liked before

I had some designs prepared and was lucky enough to have a lot of people reply to my facebook post on such short notice (thanks everyone for emailing me!) and was able to pick four people who would enjoy the buzzing of the machine vs the banging of the drums in the background. And even though I missed a couple of the highlights of the party I did feel like I was amidst the party peeps, catching up with old friends and having a laugh and a drink and some cool house music in the back…

parool_De fotomeisjes
Some typical Amsterdam parteee stuff (Image source: Parool – De Fotomeisjes)

Long story short, it was a super busy, hectic but mostly fun night where I was able to pour out some cool tattoos (thanks Kim, Dave, Emmeline & Mandy) and enjoy one of the many perks of being a tattoo artist in a city like Amsterdam where everything seems possible. I did however had a little thing with my trusted Sunskin tattoo machine of which the back spring suddenly snapped while I was doing my last line on Emmeline’s lotus tattoo. Luckily I carry multiple machines with me so it wasn’t the end of all things πŸ™‚

Some of the tattoos I did and my trusty Sunskin liner who needs a new spring

Little ol’ me doing Dave’s neck/back piece

Maybe it would not be something I would be able to do every weekend (I do miss being a DJ every now and then though) but it did make me get excited again for next month’s Brussel Tattoo convention (where I’ll bunk up with Peter and his crew from Ink Addicts)

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Photo credits featured image: Tom Doms @Red Bull Playrooms, Friday 16th October 2015

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