Attending the Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2015


It’s the week before the Rotterdam Tattoo convention 2015 and I’m super busy creating new tattoo designs in the styles that I like best; geometry / geometric, dotwork and possibly some traditional designs (black ink only).

It’s sometimes hard to find the time to just sit and create new designs which are not based on client requests since I’m so busy at Needle Art Tattoo, TattooMick and my own New Amsterdam Tattoo Studio. I feel fortunate to be working in Amsterdam (as well as Breda and Dordrecht) but I look forward to go to Rotterdam and ink out some kick ass tattoos. I almost moved to R’dam in the past but I’m glad I still maintain my residence in my beloved city of Amsterdam.

So if you want to get tattooed next week at the Rotterdam Convention you should definitely look me up when you’re there or shoot me and email if you want some geometric dotwork stuff…

See you next week!… don’t be late ๐Ÿ™‚

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