Small tattoos are beautiful too

Small Tattoos Are Fun

Small Tattoos Are Fun

Blogging is always fun but with so many active social media platforms out there I sometimes can’t get them all synced up at the same time. Also, I have been busy with a lot of stuff outside of tattooing so time hasn’t always been on my side unfortunately. But besides all the excuses, I do need to re-group every now and then and blog some stuff out of my system to get the juices flowing again. ๐Ÿ™‚

It has been going well lately (it has been good since we went around the world :-)) and it’s still exciting to see how things develop from one tattoo to another, like I’m back in school without the parts that suck. It’s also super cool to get those little unexpected requests from tattoo enthousiasts asking for simple tattoos and I’m happy to do them all. And while the expression “Small but beautiful” is something most of us can appreciate, it doesn’t always mean it’s easy to achieve as far as tattooing goes.

So when someone asks for finger tattoos and ‘simple’ straight lines I tend to get a little ‘nervous’ (not really, but u know what I mean) since there is no room for error. And it doesn’t help that I’m someone that can have nightmares over one crooked line even though my co-workers would say I’m nuts and severely over exaggerating (but hey, that’s just me).

So here are some shots of recent simple stuff that I tattooed recently and I especially like the arrow… simple but sweet.

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