Some recent tattoos

james nidecker red rose tattoo

Hi ya’ll, it has been fun to be back in Amsterdam after travelling around the world and living in Bangkok and New York which were super exciting times for both me and Kiki.

I have been following the path of the tattoo apprentice and couldn’t wait to get back to The Netherlands and soak up more tattoo lessons and secrets from my current mentor Gino Dobbelstein from Red Rose Tattoo in Schiedam. I’m very lucky to be under his wings cuz he definitely knows all the ins and outs of tattooing to help me step up my game and I feel I improve every day on my tattoo skills, drawings, needle making and my way around the tattoo shop and tattoo life in general.

Here are two recent tattoos I’ve done on my good friends Menno and Tim who were kind enough to wait for me to return to Holland to get them some ink. I’m a fan of blackwork (or black ink as I like to call it), dotwork and everything with a minimum of colors, maybe something that stuck from my childhood years when reading tons of comic books, preferably in black and white. Doesn’t mean I don’t like color though, it’s just that black and white has a different vibe to illustrations.

The owl has been under construction since Bangkok, going back and forth between me and Tim until we were satisfied (next session I’ll be adding some final shading) and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers asterix logo is something Menno wanted for a long time and has always been inspiring to me since the release of the ‘Blood Sugar Sex magic‘ album by the Peppers.



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