Start of a geometry mandala 1/2 sleeve

I’m starting the new year with a geometry tattoo challenge because large geometric patterns are always kinda tricky to stencil onto the body (cuz no body has perfect symmetry for stencilling tattoo designs).

So the next few weeks/months I’ll be transforming Wouter’s arm into various sections with patterns and mandalas including dotwork & linework and it should be interesting to watch the design unfold into a cool looking half sleeve. ๐Ÿ™‚

The picture shown here is of an earlier sketch session where we were figuring out how and where to place the patterns on Wouter’s arm since the various lines fro this pattern will run along his arm, thus creating the segments where the different patterns and mandalas will be placed eventually.

I’ll be tattooing this one out of Needle Art tattoos Breda but if you want to make an appointment for a geometric or dotwork tattoo in Amsterdam just shoot me an email via:

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