Amsterdam Tattoo studio vs appointments for 2016

Unfortunately I haven’t been blogging much lately due to a very hectic work schedule (I’m not complaining by the way) and even though I like to write more, after a full day of tattooing, drawing, being creative and setting up appointments it kinda drags on you (usually somewhere late at night) to also write something about my tattoo life.

But I’m back on track, getting more and more comfortable with my schedule and preparing for the greatest gift all… becoming a father πŸ™‚

Woop woop happy happy joy joy and yes, I am very excited about all the new changes happening at the moment (and super stoked to wake up every morning next to that big belly of Kiki which keeps on getting bigger and bigger each day). It is indeed one of the most amazing things in life.

But besides the addition of a new member to our family I will also be moving into a bigger new studio at the same location (the famous Nachtlab building, Isolatorweg 36, in Amsterdam) somewhere this summer and teaming up with some talented tattoo artists who I will introduce not long from now on the studio website ( It’ll be one floor up from my current studio but with a much better view and more space to wiggle my behind.

So keep a look out for more geometrical, sacred geometry, mandalas, polynesian, Maori, Neo Traditional and fine line (aka dunne lijnen) tattoos at my New Amsterdam tattoo studio, not just from me but from other talented artists too this time. By the way, the Amsterdam studio can only be visited if you have an appointment, there is no walk in option (I don’t think I will ever have a traditional tattoo shop).


As far as booking an appointment with me, here’s how it goes;
I am booked up pretty much towards September due to the fact that I will be free from tattooing mid July till the end of August (be aware, it’ll nothing but baby talk coming outta my mouth around that time, sorry πŸ˜‰ ).

Sometimes I can fit in smaller tattoos but tattoo requests on a short term notice are probably going to be difficult at the moment so be aware to book an appointment in advance (5-6 months).

Also I’ll be merging my geometry style of tattooing with more black & grey and neo traditional designs, leaning more towards slightly larger tattoo requests.

So you see, there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening in my hometown of Amsterdam but I will still also be available for bookings at Tattoo Mick in the city of Dordrecht where you can find me on Fridays and Saturdays.

Just email me if you want more info or book an appointment with me and we’ll make something cool happen πŸ™‚

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