Tattoo sleeve with mandala, patterns and geometrical elements

I’ve been searching for a long time to find my niche within tattooing and after doing many mandalas and geometry styled tattoos I feel that I’ve reached a certain understanding of what it is that interests me the most in doing tattoos on a daily basis, tell someone’s story in a tattoo sleeve.

The design process and effort that goes into creating a tattoo sleeve with various geometric elements requires a certain approach in how you sculpt the body and I take comfort and pride into creating something original for my customers.

I always like to think in projects and a certain bigger picture which makes telling a story in a tattoo sleeve much more appealing than the average tattoo that comes and goes and usually doesn’t have the same “wow’ factor that large scale tattoos have.

Especially within the field of geometrical tattoos there are so many ways to sculpt the body into a beautiful piece of art, it’s almost too much to choose from and it sometimes makes you wish you could have a skin eraser so that you can try out different options.

The best way to prepare for a tattoo sleeve is to create a moodboard (I use Pinterest) and collect images that interest and inspire you which will be helpful for the tattoo artist to discuss what is (or isn’t) possible and give him or her a certain understanding of what you would like to have.

A meeting will then be scheduled at our New Amsterdam Tattoo studio and from there on I design the basic idea in Photoshop which gives a pretty good idea of what the final tattooed sleeve will look like. There is always room for interpretation and finetuning during the process but at least both client and artist know what the direction and style will be.

The whole process will of course take multiple sessions to complete but the end result can be a life changer full of positive energy.

Contact me for more information if you’re interested in a (half) sleeve via the contact page.

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