So what’s new in tattooing this year…

A new blog post (woop woop) is definitely new this year because I want to update everyone a bit more frequently with all the new stuff that is happening at the moment.

For starters, I have moved to a bigger studio (same location in Amsterdam) which has much more space and better light and feels very comfortable for both me and our clients (or so I’ve been told). I still prefer to have a tattoo studio in Amsterdam instead of a tattoo shop because it gives the clients more privacy and a bit more of a chill modus which is always nice when getting tattooed.

It has space for other tattoo artists to work along side me which is more fun of course and I will update you in future posts about which artists will be visiting and when. Check out the New Amsterdam Tattoo Studio website for more info.

I’ve been doing geometrical and fine line tattoos for a while now, usually combining this with patterns, mandalas, dotwork and black and grey inspired artwork, and I feel I needed to step it up a notch this year. I will still be doing mandala tattoos and mandala inspired art but I will also integrate more (neo) traditional themes and a black and grey tattoo style into the mix.

Main focus will be larger scale tattoos because I feel it gives me more options for doing detailed work.

I also love doing black and grey skulls and roses so expect more of those coming through via Instagram and if you want a custom piece just email me.

roos black grey tattoo
Half way through this vintage clock and rose in black & grey

As a result unfortunately I won’t be doing every tattoo request that involves geometry anymore and I will be selective in which tattoo projects I choose to accept.But you can always check with me what options there are for your tattoo.

Keep an eye out for my Instagram page and stay tuned on my website because I’ll be blogging more from here on out…

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